Outside (exo) of the category of coins (nummus or numia) we find the hobby of collecting Exonumia. Some of the items it covers are tokens, medals, elongated and counterstamped coins, tags, and wooden nickels to name just a few of the interesting items in this field. There was a time in United States history when some exonumia items were used as actual money when real money was not available. Many counterstamped tokens were referred to as little billboards because of the advertising placed on the coins. Real exonumia is basically anything that is not an actual coin minted by the government. Areas that exonumists may cover are items focused on either topics, or regions, or various shapes and types of material used to make them.

COMING SOON ► Exonumia from my private collection will be displayed here. Until then look over some of my favorites from this nice selection ▼

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