Baseball Cards

Baseball Cards

Did you know that baseball cards in the 1880s came in cigarette packs? The card helped to protect the cigarettes […]

Vintage TV Sets

Growing up with a TV that only got 3 channels seemed just fine. If there was nothing on you liked, […]

Error Coin Collecting

I remember the first error coin I ever found. I was just a kid and I saw a lot of […]

Vinyl Albums

If you remember playing your albums on a stereo phonograph, you’ll probably recall how crisp the sound was. The trebles […]

Ancient Coinage

When I was younger and my Dad showed me an ancient coin that he had, I was completely amazed. I […]

Vintage Signage

You saw them on the sides of barns, a row of a dozen signs along the road leading up burma shave, cigarettes, soda, etc. Read more….

Treasure Coins

Shipwrecks have long been the source of some of the greatest finds in numismatic history. There are still more out there if you’re up to the challenge!
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Silver War Nickels

Why did they use such large PDS mintmarks on the reverse of those silver Jefferson war nickels? How much silver did they contain?
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