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All about Find Rare Coins and how and why it began

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I started collecting coins seriously when I was in 3rd grade. I know, kind of nerdy, but hey. There were copies of the Numismatist in the school library that I could look through when our class went there once a week. I wasn't sure what the word Numismatist meant, or how to pronounce it, but I knew there were some great coins in it and that's all that mattered. One day my mom's friend found a coin while the builders of their new house were digging up the driveway. She told her to give it to me because she knew I was interested in coin collecting. I looked it up and found out that it was a 1785 Bar Cent, and at the time it was worth around $300. I about fainted. When I took it to a local coin store, they told me there are lot's of counterfeits out there and they weren't certain, but they did not want to take a chance and offered me five dollars. But being 9 years old, I knew that five dollars would buy me some slot car supplies, so I accepted the offer. To this day I still wonder if it was a real 1785 Bar Cent. Since then I have studied that coin and I now know how to tell if one is genuine, or just another coin to trade for slot cars. Through the years I have collected and studied many types of coins. Pretty much all of the United States coins were what I spent the most time with and assembled a nice type set. Then World coins caught my attention and I put together an album of one coin from every country. Now, in the last few years, I have been fascinated with Ancient and Medieval coinage. But my collecting didn't stop there. Paper Money and Stamps needed my attention, and I gave it to them. And then came Ebay. Now I could find all of those old toys and electronics I had when I was a kid! Now because of my occupation as a website designer and social media strategist, I built this website to share with you some great collecting resources. From time to time I will be listing items from my private collection. Hard to let all of these great items go, but I promised my wife I would begin the process. Hence, this website.

To make you feel confident with shopping on my site, let me give you a little background. I began selling online back in 1995 with the release of my album, “The Judge at E”. It's a cool contemporary instrumental album I produced to match the choreography for equestrian dressage freestyle competitions. You can listen to some samples and buy a copy here:

music for dressage

That got my feet wet online. It was relatively safe to buy online then. Most people back then didn't have a home computer and if they did only a small percent could access the internet. America Online (AOL) 2.0 was the most popular platform. But the web has changed a lot since then. From the just over 20,000 websites on the entire internet, to well over a billion today. It’s easy now to find a store selling coins or collectibles online, but finding a site you can trust is a little harder. I have spent years conducting business through the online giants eBay and Amazon, and have received not only their highest ratings, but also 100% positive feedback from my customers. And finally, if you or your business would like a revenue producing website, please contact me at Monarch Media. I am also available to promote you through social media. Click on the logo for more information:

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