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Vintage Signs Collectible Classic Advertising Displays

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Vintage Signs

Vintage Signs

Vintage advertising signs have become one of the fastest growing areas of collecting antiques. Historic companies with beautiful advertising signage were seen along highways everywhere. Now many stores and restaurants line their walls with signs from the famous to the obscure. They’re fun to look at, talk about, and now collecting and selling them has turned into a fun hobby that can prove lucrative if you find the right sign and show it to the right buyer. Some of the more popular signs you will also find in most well-appointed man caves such as, Gas and Oil Companies, Auto Makers, Cigarettes, and Soft Drinks. Metal signs and highly sought after lighted signs are the favorites of many collectors. Lots of Auto Body Shops and Car Repair facilities often have great collections of vintage signs on their walls. Collecting vintage advertising signs is a popular hobby among enthusiasts who are interested in history, design, and nostalgia. These signs are highly valued by collectors and can be found in a variety of materials, including metal, porcelain, and cardboard.

The history of advertising signs dates back to the late 19th century when businesses began using them to promote their products and services. As the popularity of these signs grew, companies began producing them in large quantities, making them a common sight in cities and towns across the United States. Today, vintage advertising signs are highly sought after by collectors, and their value can vary widely depending on factors such as rarity, condition, and historical significance. Some of the most popular types of advertising signs include those for popular brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Ford, as well as signs promoting popular products like cigarettes, gasoline, and food products. Collectors often search for vintage advertising signs at flea markets, antique stores, and online auctions. It is important to be cautious when purchasing signs, as there are many reproductions and fakes on the market. Authenticating a sign can be challenging, but collectors can look for telltale signs of authenticity, such as the presence of rust, fading, and wear consistent with the age of the sign.

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