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US Dollars

Morgan Dollar Coin

United States silver dollar coins, particularly the Morgan dollars, have been highly sought after by collectors and non-collectors alike for various reasons, such as their size, weight, feel, and historical significance. The Carson City Morgan dollars, minted at the Carson City Mint in Nevada, are especially prized by collectors due to their limited mintage and unique history. Here is a list of the different United States Mints where the coins were made:

“C” Charlotte Mint, which operated from 1838 to 1861 in North Carolina and primarily produced gold coins.
“CC” Carson City Mint, which operated from 1870 to 1893 in Nevada and produced both gold and silver coins, including the famous Carson City Morgan dollars.
“O” New Orleans Mint, which operated from 1838 to 1861 and from 1879 to 1909 in Louisiana and produced both gold and silver coins.
“P” Philadelphia Mint, which is the main mint of the United States and has been in operation since 1792, producing coins for circulation and numismatic purposes.
“S” San Francisco Mint, which operated from 1854 to 1955 and then resumed production in 1965 in California and has produced various coins, including gold and silver coins.
“W” West Point Mint, which started producing coins in 1984 in New York and primarily produces bullion coins, commemorative coins, and special collector’s editions.

Assembling a United States dollar type collection with coins from different mints is indeed a great way to learn about the history of U.S. coinage and the different mint marks associated with them. It can be a fascinating and educational endeavor for coin collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

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