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1909-s VDB Lincoln Cent

Greetings, fellow numismatists! Today, we’re going to dive into the fascinating history of the United States 1909 S VDB Lincoln cent, a coin that has captured the hearts of collectors for over a century. And if you’re wondering why we’re tackling such a specific topic, it’s because we believe that there’s no such thing as[…]

1943 Steel Cents

Are you interested in the fascinating history of the 1943 Steel Lincoln cents? Well it’s about time someone took an interest in the story of these little metal disks that caused quite the stir back in the day. First things first, let’s get some background on these penny oddities. In 1943, during the height of[…]

1785 Bar Cent

In the realm of coinage, there exists a peculiar little gem known as the bar cent. This unassuming piece of copper bears a simple design—a monogram of the USA on one side and 13 bars on the other. At first glance, you might mistake it for a token or trinket, but don’t let its unpretentious[…]

Transitional Coins

The New Orleans Mint transitional coins refer to a series of United States coins that were minted at the New Orleans Mint during a period of transition in the mid-19th century. These coins are notable for their unique characteristics and historical significance. Here’s an overview of the New Orleans Mint transitional coins and some references[…]

1856 British Guiana 1c Ma​genta

The British Guiana 1c Magenta stamp is not just a piece of paper; it is a symbol of wealth, rarity, and eccentricity. This tiny postage stamp, measuring just 1 inch by 1.5 inches, has been called the most famous and valuable stamp in the world. Its unique history is as fascinating as it is bizarre,[…]

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